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      Reasearch activities focus on

  • Quantification of Proteins in biological systems using 2D-HPLC-MS


                              Evaluation of stationary phases for 2D-HPLC of Proteins, 1. Validation of commercial RP columns
                                         E. Reh, B. Hahn, S. Lamotte; J. Chromatogr. B, 844/2 (2006) 204-212
                              Proteinanalyse mittels RP-HPLC / MS-Kopplung
                                          B. Hahn, E. Reh; Bioforum, 3 (2007) 42-43
                              Methoden zur Proteinquantifizierung im Vergleich
                                         B. Hahn, E. Reh, Laborpraxis, 10 (2007) 36-38
                              HPLC-Chromatographiesäulen - Coreshell- oder sub-2-µm-Phasen für die LC-MS-Peptidanalytik
                                         M. Müller, E. Reh; GIT, 9, (2012) 644-647
                              Comparison of GPC and MS - Possibilities and Limits for the control of Protein Stability
                                         N. Thiessen, M. Müller, E. Reh; separation, 1, (2014) 12-15