- Conditions -


  • Method development corresponding to detailed agreement 

  • complex project-handling according to working list 

  • routine analysis based on price list 


                            ESI-TOF Massspectrometry 275,- Euro
                            Aminoacid analysis (single determination) 175,- Euro
                            Aminoacid analysis (hydrolysis-kinetics) 550,- Euro
                            Protein-Hydrolysis (HCl) 100,- Euro
                            Protein-Hydrolysis (enzymatic) 125,- Euro

                            HPLC peptide mapping (RPC)
150,- Euro
                            HPLC protein separation (IEC, SEC)
200,- Euro
                            GC/FID analysis 125,- Euro
                            GC/MS sugar analysis (complete hydrolysis) 300,- Euro
                            GC/MS sugar analysis (partial methylated) 400,- Euro

                            Capillary zone-electrophoresis (CZE) 125,- Euro
                            Capillary gel-electrophoresis (cGel) 150,- Euro
                            Capillary-isoelectric focussing (cIEF) 150,- Euro

                           Gel-electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) 150,- Euro
                           Gel-electrophoresis (IEF) 150,- Euro

                           AAS metall protein analysis (flame)   30,- Euro
                           AAS metall protein analysis (electrothermal)   50,- Euro
                           Dialysis, Ultrafiltration   30,- Euro
                           prices not including VAT                            price list updated at september 2014
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